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Cinematography - 3 Months

Light Camera Action

  • Ended
  • 35,000 (Offer Price)
  • 3rd Floor, Bharat Studio Building, YN Road opp. Mocha Café, Indore, Madhya Prade

Service Description

The cinematography is a profession for those who are eager, committed, and passionate about pursuing a career in filmmaking. Cinematography in Film Making,Music Video,Pre-Wedding,Cinematic Wedding,Web-Series,Short Film,Advertisement,Documentary. Cinematography Syllabus : Three Months Lesson 01- Introduction to Visual Storytelling Visual Storytelling Photography Exposure Times Photography as Art The Frame Aspect Ratio Lesson 02 - A Technical Introduction to the Camera How is an Image Created? Creating a Permanent Photograph Modern Camera Sensors Creative Use of Exposure Time Camera Components Camera Functions Exposing an Image How a Digital Sensor Determines Brightness Exposure and Shutter Speed Using Slow Shutter Speed on a Video Camera Controlling Exposure Three Exposure Controls Aperture Effects Exposure and Aperture The Sensor Adjusting Sensitivity Noise Video and Still Cameras Video Exposure Functions Lesson 03 -The Lens What is a Lens? Lens Speed Field of View Sharpness Distortion Guidelines for Choosing a Lens The Main Functions of a Cinematic Lens Consumer Cameras What Lens Do I Need? Choosing a Lens The Normal Lens Field of View Lens Types Perspective and Depth The Illusion of Depth Lesson 04 - Camera Placement Camera Distance Examining a Shot Shot Types Extreme Long Shot Long Shot Medium Long Shot Medium Shot Medium Close Up and Close Up Extreme Close Up Shot Size and Lenses Over the Shoulder Shot Two Shot Camera Height Eye Level Height High Angle Low Angle The "Hero" Shot Point-of-View Shot Lesson 05 - Lighting Tools What Can Light Do for Us? Depth and Shape Texture Mood Angle Color Diffusion Lesson 06 - Creative Lighting Three-Point Lighting The Key Light The Fill Light The Back Light Lighting Analysis Lighting the Face Visual Intensity Contrast and Affinity Contrast in Color Lesson 07 - Color What is Color? The Relativity of Color The Human Eye After Images Primary Colors Complementary Colors Lesson 08 - The Story What is a Story? Story Basics Narrative Film Live Concert Video Music Video Pre wedding Film Cinematic Wedding Film Documentary film Advertising Film The Script Script Breakdown Lesson 09 - The Long Take To Cut or Not Background Camera Movements Lighting Performance Designing a Long Take Careful Planning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Lesson 10 - Continuity The Edited Scene Analysis Structure in the Scene Editing in the Scene Editing and the Cinematographer Maintaining Continuity Types of Continuity

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second floor School Of Cinematics, Janjeerwala Square, Janjeerwala Chouraha, Race Course Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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