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School of Cinematics is a central India's first film school. Cinematography & Video editing courses are available. 
In this school students go through each stage of filmmaking with detailed hands on exercises. They write,direct,shoot and edit their own.

To prepare students in the production aspects of Film Television & Pre-Wedding,Cinematic Wedding,Music Video,Documentary,Web Series as required by the present media environment all across globe.To empower the students in the production & managerial aspects of the media business with due emphasis on latest production techniques, along with marketing.

Cameras & Techniques: Types of camera, film cameras V/S digital cameras, lenses and their importance, Story Design and Development, Laws of Composition, Gestalt Law and Visual Perception, Semiotic photography.


The Premiere Pro interface features and functions, how to import and organize footage, basic editing technique.
 Watch the work of a Master Editor, Basic Production techniques, Practicing/Reviewing skills PROJECT: Like Pre-Wedding, Cinematic Wedding,Music Video,Web series etc

To understand the importance of cinematography in film making | To enhance the basic knowledge about lighting and its use | To understand various equipment required for various form of lighting | To understand the basics of various camera, lenses and digital cinematography.

The students will be exposed to professional camera cameras & software. The students will also undergo same basic exercises such as 3 shot and 6 shot to give them a basic sense of framing, composition, movement and editing. 


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